Our Programmes

Samba Tots is a multi sports programme designed for ’18 months to 4 years’ which aims to improve fundamental movement skills in a fun, safe and welcoming environment.

Our programme improves:
– Agility
– Balance
– Co-Ordination
– Confidence
– Social Skills

samba smileSamba Smile Project aims to bring generations together by working In partnership with Schools and Care homes in the UK. Our focus is to bring generations together and put a smile on everyone's face.

Our Samba Smile™ sessions encourage mobility by stimulating muscles, enhance cognition by challenging the mind and develop social interaction with young children.

• Foster a positive relationship between clients and children.

• Help with dementia residents in recreating images and memories.

• Sessions can be tailored to suit residents’ specific needs, abilities and levels of fitness.

Samba Smile is beneficial to the personal development of the children, in terms of their physical and cognitive skills, social interaction, confidence and overall co-ordination.

Samba Wake & Shake

Our Wake and Shake sessions include aerobics, fun games and fitness to Samba music After exercise your pupils brains will be "switched on" and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Offer both samba style and traditional multi-sport classes that pupils will enjoy, participate in and so doing improve their ability.

Sports Leadership Award

Through our leadership award pupils will take on leadership roles and improve confidence. team work and communication skills. This club takes place during lunch time and after school.

Samba Health and Well-Being

Healthy body. healthy minds aims to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and attributes of young people in mental, social and physical well being.  This workshop focuses on healthy eating, mental health and physical activity preparing young people for a healthy active life.

Samba Inspirational Days

A fun day of PE to inspire an your pupils through taking sport, fitness and dance the Samba way !

Continued Professional Development

Our coaches deliver fun. engaging PE lessons that follow the National Curriculum. This is a great way for teachers to enhance their delivery of PE by observing the coach.

Samba High 5’s

is an exciting new programme that Samba Sports aims to deliver across all Chesterfield primary schools over the next 2 years.  The programme aims to promote and encourage an active healthy lifestyle and increase children’s knowledge of the benefits of healthy eating and exercise through curriculum based practical sessions in a school setting.

Objectives of our Samba High 5’s programme;

  • Improve participation in physical activity through group activities
  • Improve confidence by encouraging pupil involvement in group activities
  • Increase knowledge on the importance of good nutrition as part of a balanced diet
  • Support children to make informed choices about their lifestyle and diet

Our samba package includes

  • A qualified coach who can deliver a range of different sports to samba music.
  • 15 samba party bags
  • 15 samba party invitations
  • Birthday Boy or Girl receives a samba gift.
  • Certificates for everyone


  • 45 minutes of fun samba style freestyle games.
  • 40 minutes of tournaments
  • 30 minutes eating
  • 5 minutes presentation.

*Excludes venue and food, although Samba Sports can arrange two venues in Chesterfield.

• Whittington Green School (Indoor Sports hall and eating area.)
High St, Old Whittington, Chesterfield S41 9LG

• Brampton Rovers (Outdoor pitches and clubhouse)
Newbold, Chesterfield, S40 4RN

Extras – £5.00 extra per child after 15 children.

samba community

The Samba Foundation  is only too aware of the problems facing communities in terms of anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, youth crime and fear of crime. Fear of crime is often as distressing as the incidents themselves.  We work in partnership with community groups, Police, Fire Services, Anti Social Behaviour Units, Youth Offending Teams, Community Assemblies and the Passenger Transport Executive to identify target groups, incident “Hot Spots”.

The Foundation develops and delivers diversionary activity at days and times during the week and at weekends that engage the target groups from the identified areas.

However we don’t just arrive at a venue with bags of footballs. We understand that for any programme of this type to have a chance of success it has to have the support of the community and the target group of young people. Our community coaches work closely with community groups and young people at risk of offending or re-offending to break down barriers and develop relationships.

The Samba Foundation's development team are dedicated to identifying funding sources and supporting funding applications that help constituted groups, schools or partnering organisations.

So if you are looking for projects in your area and feel that we can help you, please contact us 🙂

Tel: 01246 888212
Email: info@thesambafoundation.org
Visit our community site:https://www.thesambafoundation.org/